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The new fins design from Trygons. New foot-pocket and blade, designed from scratch purely for free-diving. New TRYGONS fins


Every spear-gun made in Trygons, goes through this test before shipment. Maximum at about 280 kilograms/560pounds.

TRYGONS trigger & shaft test



Τhe hole procedure to setup the lens on the trygons fluid-goggle mask.

Trygons fluid-goggles setup


Crazy run of a new nolimits sled design. Needs for sure more work, but we exceeded the 5m/sec target.

1st Trygons sled trial

Παρουσίαση του "EcoRunner 590" στο DVD του περιοδικού "Boat & Fishing", Ν.6 Μάϊος/2013.

TRYGONS EcoRunner 590 Project ("Boat & Fishing" Magasine)


TRYGONS "EcoRunner 590 Carbon" accesses less consumtion 24 litters fuel for 105,5 miles, crossing Aegean sea, from Cape Sounion to Santorini on 12/9/2013. Average speed 20-22 knots.

TRYGONS EcoRunner 590 Project

It started up with a nice 6bft day, increased to 7 later on. Proof of proper designed wave piercing hulls. We had a steady speed with just a 60hp engine running at 3400 rpm. And thatis a 19.5ft hull!

Άρχισε σαν μια ωραία 6 μποφόρ μέρα, εξελίχτηκε σε 7. Απόδειξη των προσόντων σωστής σχεδιασμένης γάστρας διάτρησης κυμάτων. Είχαμε σταθερή ταχύτητα με 60 άλογα μοτέρ στις 3400 στροφές. Και αυτό είναι ένα 5,90 μέτρα σκάφος.

Rough sea 6-7bft VS TRYGONS EcoRunner 590


A trip to Santorini from Sounion with a full carbon fiber fishing boat. 24 liters for 105.5 NM. That is 0.24 liters per mile. Boat designed by Alexander Sarasitis and made by trygons.s.a.
Boat Model "ecorunner 590c", full carbon fibers - epoxy vacuum infused - 120 dec Celsius cured, 6meter/19.5ft. 

Aegean EcoRun Project


As Trygons believes in feasible environment friendly products, we introduce this project. A real life boat at real life trip. From Athens-Cape Sounion to Santorini island, 110 nautical miles, with only 30liters of gas. A typical 6 meter fishing boat would need at least 100liters. fuel efficient boat

TRYGONS project: " Aegean Eco Run"


6meter offshore wave-piercing boat designed by Trygons,Sarasitis Alexander.

TRYGONS EcoRunner boat


A complete free-diving safety system, integrated on a Trygons Ecorunner 590 boat. For daily training or competitions. Dynamic positioning, 6hp- 2,5m/sec electric winch, sonar, platform with a door..all in one.
What would take days and lots of work to organize, this does it in 5 minutes. Winch is
not 100% completed,but you get the idea!

Deep apnea safety



Cyprus Deep Spearfishing with a Trygons RX.

Deep Spearfishing


Uncut movie from the first full throttle test of the ecorunner 590 carbon-fiber edition. 0-37knots/6000rpm in less than 3 secs, with a normal 40hp 4 stroke. It definitely needs 2 sizes bigger propeller. Somebody from the beach shouted "ecodragster". Strange to know, that this is the most environmentally friendly motor boat we ever came across!**0,25lt/ml**
Αμοντάριστα πλάνα από την πρώτη δοκιμή με φουλ γκάζι του ecorunner 590 carbon-fiber edition . 0-37 κόμβοι /6000 στροφές σε λιγότερο από 3 δευτερόλεπτα, με μια στάνταρ 40αρα τετράχρονη. Θέλει τουλάχιστον 2 νούμερα μεγαλύτερη προπέλα. Κάποιος από την παράλια φώναξε " εκο ντραγκστερ". Παράξενο, αν φανταστεί κανείς ότι αυτό είναι το ποιο οικολογικό ταχύπλοο που έχουμε ποτέ δει! **0,25λτ/μιλ** 


Promo video for BATCAM action cameras. "Best of" video collection from Trygons footage. Special thanks to Menios, B.Moudrianakis, H.NItsch, and "Keratea Resistance". Music by Tim McMorris "hhs", Ron Passaro "EpicActionTrailer1". Created by Alex Sarasitis



Main coon cat hunting laser pointer and crashing on to the camera.