Carbon Monofins

Based on the new Trygons-Subgear footpocket, we have developed a monofin especially for freediving.


The main aspects of these fins are:

1) Improved hydrodynamics with minimal weight increase.

2) Minimum weight.

3) Constant hydrodynamic in all depth/pressure levels thanks to incompressible rubber.


 4) Comfortable footpocket without loss of efficiency.

5) Adjustable footpocket for various setups by different straps.

6) Three stiffness versions: Soft, medium, hard.

7) Extreme, full carbon fiber version RX.



RX versus R2


RX fins are made with 100% all carbon fibers. R2 fins use a combination of carbon fibers in the outer layer and glass fibers in the core.


This difference results in:

- RX fins are approximately 14% lighter than R2

- R2 fins can take more abuse.



-The bending curve and stiffness of both versions are identical.

-The angle of  the carbon blade is 21.5 degrees, the angle of  the foot pocket with the  foot itself has an additional 2.5 degrees. So, the overall swimming angle is  24 degrees.