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Trygons introduces the first 3D underwater housing for the Sony 3D Bloggie HD Camera! It is the only 3D action camera in the world in that quality/price/size level.

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BATCAM I - Action Camera Housing

After many requests and long hours of designing, Trygons introduces a new underwater housing. Its main features are durability, immaculate design and it comes at a great price- 249€ (camera not included).

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Deep Freediving Housing

This a specially designed housing for free-diving.
It comes in a minimized size, is extremely robust and has been tested way beyond 150meters (500feet)  pressure.

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Two years ago, Trygons received a challenging request from World Freediving Champion Herbert Nitsch.He required a weighted sled capable of traveling at over two meters per second using only the force of gravity to an incredibly demanding depth of 214 meters. We met his challenge with a revolutionary design which allowed him to claim the prestigious title of "Deepest man on Earth".

We also learned a lot about hydrodynamics and efficiency which has resulted in the release of a brand new range of underwater video housings designed specifically for the sport of Freediving.

Trygons recognized that traditional underwater housings were far too bulky and difficult to maneuver for Freedivers. To overcome this problem, every Trygons housing has been designed specifically for only one model of video camera.The fit is so precise that the same camera with a wide angle lens attached requires a different housing! This results in housings that are ½ to 1/3 the size of other brands.

Trygons housings therefore have superior hydrodynamic qualities,minimizing the shaking usually experienced from water turbulence at high speeds.